Why buy Spotify Premium Plays

Why buy Spotify Premium Plays

Grow fast and safe with buying Spotify premium plays

Buying Spotify plays gives your song the exposure it deserves. Today you can choose from various sites where you can buy spotify streams. Many artists asks themselves the question: what is the best site to buy spotify streams without getting banned from the Spotify platform? We can tell you how to grow as fast as possible with buying Spotify plays, without getting banned from Spotify. If you want to have this certainty, you can choose the Premium Spotify Service from Artist Supply.
Why buy Spotify Premium Plays

Don’t get banned from Spotify

Spotify is getting better at tracking down tracks that have been pushed for more plays. Not every provider where you can buy spotify plays can give you a service that won’t get your track removed from Spotify. This is a shame, because it has a bad impact on your image when your track is removed. You will also miss a lot of streams in the meantime while getting back at the spotify platform (if possible ofcourse).
Why buy Spotify Premium Plays

Real streams/payouts from payed accounts are important

It’s important to get plays from real acccounts, especially premium (payed) accounts. Why? Because real accounts are not detected by Spotify as quickly as fake accounts. Do you really want to get the most out of it? Plays from premium (payed) accounts have a lot more impact on your track to increase in the charts and a higher payouts. How? Spotify can pay you as an artist more royalties if you get streams from paid Spotify accounts. Makes sense right? 😉 Because nowadays there are many services that offer fake streams, Spotify gives more on artists who are listened to by premium accounts. Because the streams from paid accounts have more value, you will not only get higher payouts, but your track will also get up in the charts way faster. With our high retention premium Spotify Plays at Artist Supply we provide you streams from premium (payed) Spotify accounts. Artist Supply makes sure you get higher payouts, faster growth and the safety from not getting banned.
Why buy Spotify Premium Plays

Make sure you’re plays will come from exclusive countries

Because many artist buy spotify plays, these will come from the same countries. If a lot of streams comes from one place, will Spotify assume these are fake. With our premium spotify service from Artist Supply you have access to exclusive targeted country-based plays. It will give you more ensurance to not be tracked down by the Spotify bot.
Why buy Spotify Premium Plays

What’s the difference between normal and premium spotify plays?

Premium Spotify plays are way more safe than Normal spotify plays. At Artist Supply we will do everything to don’t get your track removed from Spotify and give you the most growth as possible.
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